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Hafez Cheraghi Entity FrameWork Core , .Net , Microsoft , Ef , EfCore , Framework , Entity Framework
Entity FrameWork Core
10/26/2022 10:35:00

Entity FrameWork Core

Entity Framework Core is a new technology for accessing databases. This technology is originally designed to enable software developers to design their own Domain Classes and then work with them as relational tables.

EF Core is an ORM or object-relational mapper that allows you to work with various databases through .NET objects. It is possible. By EF Core, most of the direct code for working with the database is removed and converted to .NET code. be. Working with .NET objects. And LINQ offers benefits such as compiler code monitoring and advanced refactoring tools.

Entity Framework Core is the new version of Entity Framework after EF 6.x. Entity Framework Core is a lightweight, scalable, open source and multi-platform version of Entity Framework data access technology.

Entity Framework Core is an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) and gives developers an automated mechanism for accessing and storing data in the database.

EF Core for use with .NET Core applications. Is considered. However, it can be used with standard NET +4.5 applications.

The following figure shows the support for a variety of .NET Framework and operating system applications.

EF Core supports two development approaches


EF Core mainly follows the Code-First approach and does not support the Database-First approach much. In the Code-First approach, the EF Core API creates databases and tables using migration based on contracts and configurations in your Domain classes. This method is useful in Domain Driven Design.

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